Jackstand Journal | Maintenance & Mods

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Keep track of everything about your car or truck with the Jackstand Journal: a hardcover journal designed with the car enthusiast in mind. The interior pages include places to track vehicle modifications, routine maintenance, and a ledger for more complicated jobs done in the garage. Flexible enough for weekend enthusiasts or expert mechanics.

 Features in the Jackstand Journal:

  • Build sheets to keep track of suspension, engine, drivetrain, interior, and exterior upgrades / costs
  • Work ledger for in-progress jobs to keep track of tools used, order of disassembly/reassembly and other misc notes. Great for when you need to stop in the middle of a job.
  • Maintenance section for oil changes and other fluids. One place to reference the last time your vehicle got fresh fluids.
  • Sins section to account for the ways you screwed your future self (rounded bolts, cross-threadings, and anything else you messed up.
  • Green elastic band for keeping your journal tidy
  • 120 total pages


These thoughtfully designed pages contain a unique framework for helping you document the maintenance and work put into your build.


Customer Reviews

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Dixon Robertson
Outstanding Product

Perfect way to capture mods and maintenance, and the "build quality" is excellent. Only downside is that now I know how much I have spent on my car!

Thank you!! also just feel free to just reduce cost of parts by 50% upon entry. itll still be alarming.

Mikey Carlos
Cool little book

Using this journal to keep track of service and how much I've spent on parts and labor for future valuation.

Thanks Mikey!!

Marco Garcia
Sweet Boy FTW

I have to say…this idea is really genius and I can’t believe it wasn’t implemented before. Having a way to track all my mods and relevant information on my AE86 with an organized…organizer, is a great help. I plan on getting the track book next whenever I can get this car off the jackstands.

thank you so much, Marco!


Jackstand Journal | Maintenance & Mods


Got it at the start of a build and have loved using it! Need to get more for my other cars!

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