Hoopties Card Game

🗣️ We are officially BACK IN STOCK! 

Stack cars and mods to meet the perfect scenario and laugh your ass off in the process. It's like Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity, but for car nerds.

For example: What's the best vehicle to use as a rolling meth lab?

A windowless van with pink underglow? Perhaps a Chevy K5 blazer with a stereo that only plays Sandstorm by Darude?

The choice is yours. 

This is the perfect game for anyone who loves to talk trash about their friend's cars, enjoys a good laugh, and needs a break from the endless scrolling on instagram. The combinations are endless. 

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Stewart

It was a gift for my son. Haven't heard back yet

Thank you Lisa! Hopefully he's giggling about it :)

Chase Crafts
Awesome !

I haven’t played it just yet but I’ve gone through the cards and think it’s absolutely awesome and hilarious. I do felt like there was plenty of jokes that could have been made about Subarus but none the less I can’t wait to play with my car buddies

I smell a subaru expansion pack coming

(it smells like Kiwi Strawberry Pineapple Birthdaycake flavor vape)

Great gift idea!

My partner loved it!

woot 8) thanks for taking the time to review, Taylor!

Dionne Boudreaux
Christmas gift for someone

This is for someone

Thanks Dionne, you're an MVP for getting this as a present 8)

Keith S.
Perfect game for REAL car enthusiasts

I've played a lot of "car" games, but this is the first one to actually feel like it was made by car enthusiasts who actively engage in modern car culture. We played this for the first time with my local car club and everyone had a blast! Just keep in mind, the subject matter leans more towards Cards Against Humanity rather than Apples to Apples. But if strong language doesn't offend you, you'll have a great time with Hoopties!

BIG thank you, Keith! I get the feeling we'd have a lot to talk about if we met at a car meet. Great note on the more grownup nature, too. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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