A Poem About the AE86 by Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT

A Poem About the AE86 by Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT

If you're not aware, there's a pretty damn sharp artificial intelligence chat that has been released by the folks at Openai. You can just ask it to write something, and it'll write something for you. I asked it to write a poem about the beloved AE86, and the result was pretty sweet.

You can try it here: https://chat.openai.com/chat

The AE86, oh how I adore
A car that's pure and simple, no more
A hatchback that's light on its feet
With a heart that never skips a beat

Its engine roars, a symphony of speed
As it takes on corners with ease and grace
A car that's built for the thrill of the race

Its suspension keeps it planted on the ground
A car that's easy to handle, never letting you down
A true driver's car, with a style all its own
The AE86, a legend that will never be outgrown

Its looks may be old, but its soul is young
A car that's built to have fun, to be sung
In the streets or on the track, it never fails
The AE86, a car that always prevails

So here's to the AE86, a car that's loved by many
A car that's sure to bring joy and plenty
A true gem of the road, a classic that's here to stay
The AE86, forever and always.


ae86 rear

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